The Condiment Card Takes Your Sauces Further!

The Condiment Card, also known as the “Condi Card,” is a new product in the quick service industry.  The Condiment Card is incredibly simple in structure and use, but provides much more than meets the eye.  The condiment card is easy to make, easy to ship, and easy to distribute.

The first, and most basic function is for the customer.  The condiment card provides a safer and cleaner way to enjoy the condiments customers enjoy with their food.  Ultimatley customers are happier and appriciate the free service.

The second, visual function of the Condiment Card is the “:direct” and “indirect” advertising.  Not only can a company, community, or organization advertise to the customer using the Condiment Card, but they can also advertise on the exterior.  When the Condiment Card is safely in place, everyone with a view of the window from the exterior can see any message printed.  We like to call this live advertisments.  These cars travel all over the area, and show customers eating with a convenient advertisment at the bottom of the window.

In the end, the customer is happier, the restaurant is generating more business for just a few pennies each.


The Condiment Card is stored flat for storage and placed flat against the inside of your bag to eliminate almost all concern for lack of space in the bag.

The user then pulls out the flat piece, and folds it open.  There are siple 3 step directions that can be conveniently printed on the Condiment Card for clarification.

The Condiment Card is then slipped between the glass and the rubber slip located on almost every vehicle.  The users then sets the condiment card so the top portion lays flat, waiting for condiment containers.

The user then places the condiments in the appropriate holes, removes the protective cover, and begins enjoying sauces in a safe and clean way.


DSC_0309   DSC_0306

What if you had a way of showing everyone outside of a car, what brand of food they are enjoying?  Essecially you are turning every window using a Condi Card into an effective mobile advertisement.


It’s no secret that a number of customers use the drive thru, park their cars in the parking lot, and begin eating their meal.  Actually, Sonic Drive-In prefers you stay in your car while you enjoy their food.  These decisions offer the perfect set up for all potential Condiment Card users.

No-one has a good place to rest their condiment containers in their vehicle, so why not include a Condiment Card with every order needing condiments and sauces.



Heinz has recently released a very popular Dip-And-Squeeze packet of ketchup at Chick-fil-A locations.  The Condiment Card can accommodate almost all condiment container sizes, including the new Dip-And-Squeeze.

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